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If you’re searching for Moving Companies Denver, Colorado there are a lot of variables that you must take into account before choosing your professional.

There are the obvious items such as; is the company insured and bonded, are they registered with the Department of Transportation, are their movers company employees or sub contractors or even worse, day laborers.

Moving companies in Denver are notorious for hidden fees and traps.  They are happy to quote you a price over the phone and upon arrival start changing the price.  The problem is that it is usually too late for you to send them away and start fresh.  Your move was scheduled for a particular day for a reason, you need your property and belongings moved on that day.

Here is a short list of some of the hidden fees that I have heard of recently. Dispatch fees, credit card fees, sur charge, curb fee (my personal favorite, they move your stuff to the curb of your new location and tell you “oh, to get it in the house is an extra fee”), supply fees, and the list goes on.

A good company will make a small profit in there hourly rate and add on a trip charge.  Most moving companies still pay their workers and must pay for fuel to get to your job site and back to their facilities.  This is a reasonable fee so long as it doesn’t exceed one hour (of course, if you live in the boondocks this fee will be higher).

Most people prefer a flat rate estimate but this can be dangerous and misleading, make sure you read the fine print of your estimate.  Often there will language allowing the moving company to charge more if the time exceeds a certain limit.

I prefer an hourly rate.  This allows me to save money by taking care of a portion of the move by myself.  I can move boxes, my computer and electronics and I have the opportunity to direct the move.  I can keep the movers moving quickly.  Of course, the movers are still human and are working very hard.  Make sure you allow breaks and bring them refreshments.

I personally like to tip the movers if I receive good service.  I will tip 10 -15% and offer food and/or beverages.

The bottom line is that all Denver Moving companies are not alike.  They will all advertise and sound alike but there can be some big difference.  Online reviews can help you choose the right one but remember its usually people with a bad experience with a moving company that leave reviews not people that have good experiences.  Moving Companies that have 5 bad reviews but do 400 moves a month would probably be a better choice than a moving company that has one bad review but only does 20 moves a month.

Bottom line, if you feel comfortable with the sales representative and ask the right questions you are sure to find the right moving company in Denver for you.